02nd January 2019

Top tips for getting out and about in January

January gets a lot of bad press as a month, and we get it, Christmas fun has been and gone, the weather’s equally, if not slightly more, temperamental and there’s maybe a hint of regret over the inevitable gluttony of the festive period.

This said, we want to reclaim the start of the year as a time to take action, to have fun and to shake the tendency to wallow in doom and gloom of the traditionally dark and drizzly month.

There are plenty of ways to keep active, to get energised and get outdoors even if the weather’s not one hundred per cent. At Yorkshire Provender HQ, we’ve put our heads together and done a little bit of extra research to come up with a list of tips for getting out and about this January.



Prep ahead of time

This one goes for those with small families or for solo adventurers, too. The idea is to remove as many barriers as possible from the time a trip is decided to the moment you can step out of the door.

Having a separate activity bag that’s kept regularly stocked with all the essentials is a winning way to make spontaneous, impromptu adventures a feasible reality. Keeping it stocked with gloves, a spare pair of socks, snacks, a full water bottle, an emergency raincoat and anything else you may need (maybe nappies, wet wipes or towels for children) will massively cut down those precious minutes of faff and allow you to spend more time outside doing something fun.

Packing lunch the night before is another essential piece of prep that will maximise your time outdoors and cut down on any unnecessary stress or logistical issues. We’re, as you may expect, big advocates for packing a flask of piping hot soup as a healthy, comforting lunch essential, but whatever you prepare, it’s best to have your picnic pre-arranged.

For families, keeping a full set of clean clothes for each child in the car is another incredibly handy habit to get into. This means there’ll be no problem if there’s a sudden downpour or someone slips into the muddy stream. No sitting in sopping wet clothes and no nude journeys home!


Find nature-based activities near you

With the Wildlife Trust website it’s incredibly easy to discover local outdoorsy, nature focused activities that you’ll no doubt have not heard of but will be interested in. From crafty afternoons, to birdwatching, to wildlife walks all you have to do is enter you postcode to find what’s on near you.



Explore a National Trust Garden

In a similar vein to the Wildlife Trust, the National Trust website has a feature that allows you to search for local days out. Again, all you have to do is enter your postcode to find all the estates, parks, gardens and areas of natural beauty that’s near to you. A handy weapon in the arsenal of any January go-getter!



Stay Warm when you stop

An essential weapon when besting whatever the winter weather throws at you is having reserves of warming food and drink to whip out whenever the opportunity arises.

If you’re on a walk and you stop to check your map, enjoy a breath-taking view or refuel, though necessary, it’ll mean you start to cool down. Having a flask of soup or tea at the ready to heat you up is just the ticket.

If it’s too foul outside to even consider the great outdoors, that’s when it’s time to consult the list of great indoor, all-weather activities. Here are a few general activities that we personally like to get up to when braving the weather is no longer an option.



Heading to museums and art galleries are always a great day out. We’re constantly of the impression we should do it more but find it difficult to make time. When it’s foul outside – that’s the time


Movie night

In the modern-day world of Netflix, Amazon Prime and all the other streaming platforms getting out and going the cinema is perhaps slightly less popular. But, there really isn’t anything close to going and watching the latest flick at the cinema. We have a soft spot for the small independent cinema’s around us and whenever the weather sets in, we’re usually looking at what’s been screened there right away!



The theatre is another fab little trip out that takes away from the grim weather outside and to a completely different world. Also, the opportunity to eat a dainty little tub of ice cream and catch a bit of culture at the same time is a real treat that we always welcome with open arms!


Indoor climbing

To keep yourself active in wet weather, indoor sports are an obvious winner. Indoor climbing or bouldering is a really fun way to burn some calories, to learn something new and keep fit when the thought of running in the rain is too much to deal with!