15th September 2017

Top 5 Autumnal Yorkshire Walks

If you haven’t been to Yorkshire, you may not be aware of the breath-taking scenery and rolling countryside for which we are famous!

We are fortunate to have both the Dales and the Moors to enjoy, not just in the Autumn, but all year round. Here are our top 5 walks in the Dales. Just perfect to try over the coming Autumnal months.

Top 5 walking tips

…But first! Before you don your walking boots, just a little advice from Delicious HQ!
1. Fuel your day with a hearty bowl of porridge sprinkled with nuts for extra energy
2. Remember to take a flask of warming Rustic Vegetable Broth
3. Stop for lunch in a quiet location and soak up your surroundings
4. Throw in a large hunk or two of granary bread, warmed in the oven for a few minutes before you leave. Wrap it in tin foil for a toasty warm treat with your soup!
5. Don’t forget the butter too…

Our friends at Welcome to Yorkshire have shared five walks that reveal the variety and beauty of the Dales perfectly:

Top 5 walks

Ingleton Waterfalls

Popular with walkers, enjoy a series of waterfalls on two separate rivers

Gordale Scar from Malham

A classic walk that takes you through Janet's Foss, Malham Cove and Gordale Scar from Malham

Middleham Gallops

Remarkable castles, abbeys, rivers, thoroughbred horses and great views along this 5 mile walk

Muker Hay Meadows

A short stroll through some of the most memorable hay meadows in England. (Enjoy at their best in May and June)

Buckden Pike

As well as climbing one of the best fells in the Dales outside the Three Peaks, this walk explores Upper Wharfedale


Maps for these and many other walks around the Dales can be obtained here: http://where2walk.co.uk/yorkshire-dales-intro/

We’d love to receive your stories and pictures of your adventures around Yorkshire ?