17th January 2018

The Centrepoint Big Broth

You may have seen a post or two on our social media pages of a team of us huddled together in thick coats and sleeping bags back in November joining the youth homelessness charity, Centrepoint for their London Sleepout.  It may have been a chilly night but totally worth all the efforts of everyone involved.

As a follow on from this, we have chosen to work closely with Centrepoint over the coming months to bring you …the Centrepoint Big Broth!

What is this Big Broth you may ask?

Soup and soup kitchens have long been widely associated with the homeless and has led Centrepoint to run a competition to create a winning soup, made by Yorkshire Provender at Delicious HQ! It will be promoted as the ‘Centrepoint Big Broth’ with a specially designed label, sold exclusively through Waitrose shops, and we will be donating 20p of every pot sold to Centrepoint. This money will be used not only to provide a safe place to stay but also to give specialist mental health support; healthy living and relationship support; education programmes and life-skills courses; and employability training with access to work experience and apprenticeships, to those that really need it. If you’d like to know more about the Centrepoint Charity, please visit their website.

Would you like your favourite soup recipe to be sold throughout Waitrose shops?

If you would like the chance for your favourite soup recipe to be sold in Waitrose shops across the UK, then please have a go at entering into the competition! All you need to do is head over to Centrepoint’s Website here and enter your details along with the recipe and method of your favourite soup (competition entry ends 29th March 2018).

In April, five lucky finalists will be invited to a special cook-off event in London, where the winner of The Big Broth will be chosen by a panel of judges, including award-winning Italian chef Aldo Zilli, founder of the Wahaca group of Mexican restaurants Thomasina Miers and editor of Waitrose Kitchen magazine, William Sitwell.

Once the winner is confirmed, we will develop the winning soup here at Delicious HQ and launch it in Waitrose shops in the Autumn. The winning soup will be clearly designed as the “Centrepoint Big Broth” including info on the back of pack about the winning entrant. How about that hey! You could become the first ever winner of the Centrepoint Big Broth!

Not only are we hoping this competition will raise awareness of Centrepoint and the importance of all that they do, but it will generate much needed funds that Centrepoint will be able to put towards their goal of combating youth homelessness in the UK.

Good Luck and we hope to see you at the Cook Off grand final in April 🙂