30th August 2019

Spotlight on: Herbs Unlimited, our superb herb supplier!

We’re proud to make our soups with produce from the best suppliers in Yorkshire, making our soups as fresh and as flavourful as they possibly can be. We’ve been getting our herbs from the incredible team at Herbs Unlimited since the very beginning. In case you don’t know, they grow the best herbs in the land (fact!) and they just happen to be based a stone’s throw away from Delicious HQ in Thirsk.

We love working with these guys and wanted to give them a big shout out as a thanks for keeping our soups full of herby flavour all these years!

Read on to learn more about these specialist herb growers, find out which of our soups have their greens in, and discover some lesser-known herbs to add some extra variety and flavour to your cooking at home!

A quick intro to the Herbs Unlimited team

As is often the case with best start-ups, Herbs Unlimited was formed because Alison, a then Cordon Bleu Chef couldn’t get hold of the herbs she wanted at the quality she needed. So, she took matters into her own, capable hands!

This year will see them reach 27 years of supplying the UK with top notch herbaceous ingredients and salads. We can certainly vouch for the quality of their produce and their passion for great service.

As a local Yorkshire business, we’re over the moon to be able to support and collaborate with the team for our recipes!

Speaking of, find out which of our soups feature their luscious, home-grown goods!

Here are just a few of the soups we make using fresh Unlimited Herbs:

Pea & Spinach with Fresh Mint

Combining the sweetest pea puree with the sharpness of spinach and perfectly balanced with a dash of cream and the freshest mint around, this soup is nothing short of exquisite.

Mushroom Soup with Wholegrain Black Rice

Take the smoothness of blended mushroom, infuse with the nutty grain of premium black risotto rice and top with a scattering of cheese and Herbs Unlimited’s deliciously fresh parsley. A delectable twist on tradition.

Cauliflower Soup with Fountains Gold Cheddar & Kale

What’s not to love about the humble cauliflower? Classically combined with delicious Fountains Gold Cheddar and Kale and voila! This heart-warming, lovable, deliciously comforting soup is made with Herbs Unlimited’s lovage and perfect parsley!

Moroccan Vegetable Tagine

Inspired by a sun-drenched bustling Marrakech market, this warming soup is a celebration of foodie cultures with deliciously fresh mint, giant couscous and deliciously subtle spices.

Big Broth Carrot and Red Lentil with Fresh Parsley

One of the newest soups on the block, this winning recipe from the 2019 Big Broth competition bowled the judges over. It was Richard’s use of a fresh parsley salsa that clinched him the victory for him, so obviously we’ve recreated his recipe the incredible parsley that Unlimited Herbs grow for us!

Keep an eye out for this one which will be hitting the shelves of Waitrose this month!

Get the low down on some herbs you may never have heard of before:

If you’re one to keep an eye out for new flavours and ingredients to liven up your cooking, here’s a few of the lesser-known herbs that our good friends grow and some tips on using them at home.



The leaves of dittander have a hot and pungent mustard like flavour, very like horseradish or wasabi.

Throw in some chopped leaves to add a wasabi flavour to salads or other dishes. Also, a little Herbs Unlimited top tip is to note they lose some of this heat when cooked.



This lovely herb is also known as “gourmet’s parsley”. It’s a more delicate than parsley with a hint of liquorice to the flavour.

Chervil is often used with poultry, seafood and veggies. It’s best added at the end of cooking as it tends to lose flavour at high temperatures.

Here are some of Herbs Unlimited ideas for using them at home:

  • Turbot fillet steamed over chervil stalks (removed) then served with a light chervil sauce and summer patch veggies.
  • Chervil Herb crust with lemon and sesame for fish.
  • Grilled salmon with chervil, sweet chilli and lime rub.
  • Chicken and chervil creamy pasta with fennel pollen baked fresh baguette.
  • Chervil salsa verde with BBQ chicken and mini baked potatoes.

Chocolate Mint


Chocolate Mint is a strong mint with a hint of a chocolate taste. It has the aroma of after-dinner mints. This delicious sounding herb can be used in hot drinks like tea and hot chocolate, as well as chocolate desserts.

This variation of mint is a dark green colour, with brown-tinged stems and a taste and smell of chocolate.

The herb professionals’ suggestions…

This is a difficult herb to add to savoury dishes as it really tastes of chocolate and mint! Flavour combinations can be mellowed out with the addition of Sloe Gin or such to add some sharp tones.

Experiment with venison, mallard, pigeon, and hare but these are not easy bedfellows be careful!

So much more successful in the dessert category.

  • White chocolate mint ice cream.
  • Dark chocolate ganache tartlets with fresh raspberries.
  • Dark chocolate mint torte.
  • Chocolate mint meringue.
  • Chocolate Marquise with chocolate mint and brandy.
  • Chocolate mint ravioli with crushed Amoretti and mangoes.
  • Chocolate mint mousse with flambé oranges.

It also pairs nicely with strawberry and venison, apparently!

Red Oxalis:


Red Oxalis has a sharp, lemony taste that works well with many foods, especially salads and fish.

Use the leaves fresh in salads or chop up and sprinkle on fish to add a citrus taste.

Some of Herbs Unlimited’s suggestions…

  • Pop the leaves and stems in salad, or made into soup.
  • Use as a stuffing for fish and chicken or ferment like a sauerkraut.
  • Add to sauces, soups, salads, greens, beans, or peas for a tangy lift.
  • Use in place of lemon.
  • Make into a sauce for seafood.

Happy, herby cooking!