06th March 2020

Mother’s Day alternative gift ideas

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we wanted to write something that may inspire some different, unique gift buying this year.

Don’t get us wrong, flowers and chocolates are a beautiful gift that we’re sure most mums would love, but we’re aiming to help those that want to mix it up a little this year, think outside the box, get something that she isn’t expecting!

If you’re anything like us, it usually starts with the idea of getting something different and then soon spirals into nipping into your local florist, because the pressure gets a bit too much, and you end up reverting back to the safe option. If this sounds familiar, carry on reading and hopefully, you’ll see something that you just know your mum will love!

Create a Memory Box

We know what you’re thinking, you need to have been collecting things all year/the last couple of years for this to work – not necessarily!

If you’ve saved small tokens such as receipts, flight tickets from your favourite holiday or small notes and cards, then, of course, these are great to pop in. But, it’s still perfectly possible to make memory boxes personal, by capturing your mother’s personality through the items you select to put in it.

Start with a wooden keepsake box or plain cardboard box, have a browse of websites such as Etsy – who offer a beautiful range of keepsake boxes for you to buy.

Then, begin adding personal items you know your Mum will love, such as;

  • Her all-time favourite book
  • Photos of you, her and the family
  • Cutouts of her favourite recipes
  • Her favourite scent in the form of a candle or spray
  • An item of food/a coin/a photo from her favourite holiday

Begin building it up from there and this becomes something that she can add to for years!

A Travel Pin Board

If your Mum is the adventurous type, creating her a visual map of her travels can be a great reminder of just how far she’s been. Looking back at previous travel always encourages happy thoughts and ignites those holiday memories! These are pretty easy to make but extremely thoughtful.

Purchase a corkboard from any craft store and either print or purchase a large world/country map that will fit your corkboard. With a string and pins, begin mapping out the countries your mum has visited, creating a web of travel across the board. If you have images from any of the trips, pin these next to the string too. Take a look at Pinterest for different ideas on how you can make this look.

Book an Experience

Rather than going down the physical gifting route, another idea is to book an experience for either the both of you or solely your Mum to enjoy. Pop a date on the calendar and take her to do something she’s always wanted to do!

An afternoon tea in a high-end, traditional tearoom? A day spent relaxing in the calm surroundings of a hotel spa? Or even a thrill-seeking flying lesson with a local professional?

Take a look at sites such as Virgin Experience Days or Groupon and browse their huge selection of experiences and days out until you find the one that jumps out at you.


Wine Subscription Box

If you’re set on treating your Mum to a bottle of the finest but not so sure on which one to get, wine subscription boxes are a great way to keep the gift going that little bit longer.

Not On The High Street offer a personalised 3-month subscription box, delivering one bottle of wine each month for your Mum to enjoy! What’s even more special, they’re packed and delivered in bottles that are designed to fit straight through your letterbox, meaning your Mum doesn’t need to hang around for it to arrive!

Personalised Prints

A beautiful canvas or printed picture is always a winning gift and a thoughtful home decoration. Why not make it that tad bit more touching by personalising the print yourself. Again, sites such as Not On The High Street have a huge selection of prints available, from family trees to meaningful quotes to loving biographies – they’ve got them all!

That way, whenever your Mum looks up at the print, she’ll always be reminded of where and from who it came from!