11th February 2019

Go Green Week

It’s Go Green Week! An excellent time of year to push ourselves and each other into good habits that will collectively reduce our impact on the environment.

Whether it’s finding ways to recycle better or taking greater care in what you purchase, we’ve put our heads together at Delicious HQ to come up with some tips to be a better recycler.

1. Know your bin!

What you can and can’t put in your recycling bin differs depending on the local council. Before you start filling it up, make sure you know exactly what can go in your bin. There are a number of ways to find out but a really easy way is to install the Bin-o-vation app, which will also give you tips and allow you to create alerts to remind you when it’s collection day – it’s great!

2. Know your packaging labels

Understanding exactly what a piece of packaging is made from, how easy it is to recycle and what it gets reused as – is the key being a top-notch recycler. It’ll not only make you better at knowing what goes in your bin, but it’ll help you make better purchasing decisions when you’re in the supermarket.

Our pots all have the ‘widely recycled’ symbol on the pots. Look out for this symbol on your products as this means they can go into most kerbside recycling! Yorkshire Provender packaging is made from Polypropylene (PP) and this material can be recycled into brooms, brushes, bins, auto battery cases, flowerpots and even ice scrapers.


3. Send your bags back to where they came from

Even though plastic bags can be widely recycled it’s better to take them back to the supermarket, where there is usually a specialist bin for them. Or, re-use them every time you shop by keeping them in your car boot.

On a similar note, asking retailers that deliver large products in plastic (e.g. fridges delivered in styrofoam) to take the packaging away with them is much better than having your recycle bin bursting at the seams.

4. Get rid of those disposable habits once and for all

This is one that we’re sure we can all be better at. Before throwing something away, simply ask yourself a few questions. Can this be repaired? Can this be donated? Can this be given away?

Oftentimes chucking an old pair of shoes in the bin is the easiest and quickest option but with a little bit of TLC those shoes could be a really valuable item for somebody else, rather than adding another item to the landfill pile.

5. Glass is your recyclable friend

Glass is one of the best materials to use and reuse, as it doesn’t wear out after being recycled. Where you can, try to recycle glass bottles and containers.

One fantastic thing to try for Go Green Week, is to get your milk delivered in a glass bottle, rather than buying in plastic or cartons from the supermarket. You can really easily get this underway by typing your postcode into the search bar on the Milk & More website. These guys are great – every time they deliver they take back your empty bottle to reuse!

6. Recycle batteries properly

Most people are probably aware that batteries can’t be recycled in domestic recycling bins and that they shouldn’t be thrown away in general waste bins either. The reason is that they can cause issues in landfill sites leaking chemicals into the soil.

Instead, you can find your nearest battery recycling point online here 🙂

So there are some of our top tips for being brilliant recyclers at home. But as a manufacturer, we also have a responsibility to make sure when we make our soups it’s as environmentally friendly as we can possibly make it.