30th April 2018

Delicious chilled

With summer nearly upon us, we’d like to announce the launch of 2 new summer soups!


Cool off this summer with our delicious chilled soups, available exclusively in Waitrose from 25th April, in a single portion size.


Golden Gazpacho

Taking Gazpacho to a whole new level, this refreshing soup is made with new season yellow tomatoes, grown for us by The Tomato Stall on the Isle of Wight.

This Gazpacho is best enjoyed chilled, straight from the fridge.

It’s perfect for a speedy summer lunch, a refreshing drink, or a supper party, picnic or BBQ appetizer.

We’ve teamed the tomatoes up with yellow pepper, adding a splash of orange juice and cider vinegar for a lovely balance of summer flavours.

Low in fat, gluten free and vegan friendly.


Avocado & Super Green Soup

This is a great summer soup which uses all our favourite summer veg – Avocado with spinach and watercress ‘super greens’.

We highly recommend eating this soup chilled (with a nice big dollop of crème fraiche on the top) but if you’re not a chilled soup fan, then it is also delicious hot.

This soup is nicely rounded off with a squeeze of lemon, and fresh mint, grown at our local herb farm, Herbs Unlimited.

Low in fat, gluten free, vegan friendly and contains a source of vitamin A.


So if you’d like to get your hands on these delicious soups, head to your closest Waitrose store. Don’t’ forget to give us your feedback too 🙂