01st May 2019

Bank Holiday Season Ideas, Celebrity Takeover

We all love the month of May. It’s the perfect combination of season’s shift towards Spring-Summer whilst being treated to TWO Bank Holidays to collectively bask in the long awaited sunshine (touch wood).

With this being a month defined by long weekends, we thought we’d share some of our native Yorkshire’s finest activities to enjoy over a Bank Holiday as chosen by a few recognisable faces…

These stars have all experienced the glitziest glamour the world has to offer and still they come back to God’s Own Country for the Yorkshire scenery, people and the history.


Jodie Whittaker – The Moors

“The moors behind Holmfirth in the area where they shot a lot of Last of the Summer Wine. It’s so bleak but also so beautiful. It doesn’t matter what time of day, or what time of year it is, there’s always a different light in the sky, or different clouds, and different weather conditions, and something new to see.”

The highly decorated actress, and first-ever female Doctor Who, Jodie Whittaker, is Huddersfield-born and proud! In an interview with The Yorkshire Post she, quite rightly, observed that there’s no other landscape more inspirational than that of Yorkshire. Hear, hear!

There aren’t many better places in Yorkshire to get a feel for the natural world than in the North York Moors, too. If you’re looking for an escape to a place that has an amazingly vibrant landscape, that’s rich in heritage and wildlife, this is the place for you!



Henry Winkler – Bolton Abbey

“I love Yorkshire and there are some great places to fish.”

On the River Wharfe in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, the site at Bolton Abbey (a 12th Century Augustinian Monastery) boasts 30,000 acres of beautiful countryside with over 80 miles of footpaths to walk and explore.

Even if you don’t happen to catch a glimpse of The Fonz catching trout, a visit to Bolton Abbey over the Bank Holiday weekend is an absolute must!



Sir Patrick Stewart – The Dales

“This part of northern England remains so solidly and emotionally in my heart,” he said. “I was a keen cyclist. I cycled right up Holme Moss to the summit without stopping. I would ride into the Yorkshire Dales, and when I turned back into the industrial West Riding I could not give it words. I know that something hurt when I turned away from those Yorkshire hillsides.”

The Yorkshire Dales make for, as Sir Patrick said himself, an idyllic cycle spot. There are hundreds of routes that take you through the gorgeous undulating countryside with a plethora of pubs and pitstops dotted about the quaint villages that nestle up hill and down dale. Just for a day out or a whole weekend, a cycling Bank Holiday through the Dales will certainly be an absolute treat!



Ben Kingsley – Scarborough

‘I was only in Snainton for two years. I was a Yorkshire toddler, but apparently that means I can still claim to be a Yorkshire man. That means a lot.’

Ben Kingsley is Scarborough-born and, though he didn’t spend his entire childhood here, he certainly admires the beauty of Scarborough and the wonderful folk who live there:

‘I can see clearly how Scarborough has increased in confidence and prowess. And the people here are just as lovely as the countryside. They are honest and thoughtful and very welcoming.”

Drenched in tradition and history with stunning scenery, Scarborough is as good an English beach as you can get! With loads to see and do from historical sites to classic seaside activities it’s definitely a great day out for a sunny long weekend!


We hope you all have exceptional holidays this month – don’t forget wherever you spend your long weekend to pack a pot of delicious Yorkshire Provender soup for lunch!