07th November 2017

Andi, the queen of Apple Porridge!

Andi has had a promotion! So Annabel decided to ask her a little bit about her time at YP.


Annabel: How long have you been at YP Andi?

Andi: I am working at YP for 9 and a half years.


Annabel: What was your first role with YP?

Andi: I started on veg prep, we were peeling the onions, carrots, potatoes etc. It was good fun, with Alex and Bebe. Then I was on packing, high risk, back to packing, back to high risk as a team leader and now I’m here 😂


Annabel: Wow! What is it you do now then?

Andi: I am Shift manager


Annabel: And what does this involve?

Andi: During the winter months – when demand is very high (because everyone wants a warming mug of soup in the chilly British winter) – we have 2 shifts working 24 hours. On each shift we have 20 people on the factory floor. I manage one of these shifts.

It’s a good challenge for me, I have to make sure that we run the factory in the most productive time possible so that we meet the orders coming in and we don’t let our lovely consumers down. If there are any problems I have to sort them out and deal with the people.


Annabel: How often do you have to do a night shift?

Andi: Night shifts we only do in winter time which is the busiest period. Every week we alternate between doing the day shift and the night shift.


Annabel: I bet your hours are long in the winter then?

Andi: Yes, at the moment we have our busy period so I`m working 60-65 hours per week!


Annabel: Gosh you make us office folk look like part-timers! What do you eat to keep your energy levels up for those long hours?

Andi: For breakfast I have to have the best porridge ever, which is the YP apple porridge with cinnamon, and for lunch my favourite one is the new product which we make for Caffe Nero – the mushroom and mascarpone risotto. I Love it!


Annabel: Do you have a favourite YP soup?

Andi: Yes, my favourite soups are Roast chicken, and Tomato with Wensleydale cheese


Annabel: Do you have a favourite part of the job?

Andi: Yes, my favourite part is the troubleshooting. If anything unexpected happens, I like to challenge myself and see what I can do about it.

Obviously I love the break times too 😉


Annabel: Much needed break times after all that time on your feet! Thanks Andi, I better let you get back to the factory 🙂