Meet the team

Managing Director & NPD
(Everything Else In-Between)

Our very own Wonder Woman, or should that be Souper Woman?! All of our fab soups are Belinda’s tried & tested recipes.


Managing Director
(Official Soup Maker)

Bringing Belinda’s recipes to life and ensuring Yorkshire Provender’s quality & deliciousness is never ever compromised.


Maria Townsend
Sales & Marketing Manager
(Queen of Multitasking)

Expertly spreading the soup love to all of our customers whilst helping Yorkshire Provender conquer the world.


Dave Sparrow
Financial Director
(The Number Cruncher)

Calculating all the important calculations in a calculating manner so that our numbers stay as healthy as our soups.


Alex Viczian
Purchasing & Stock Control
(Perfect Produce Procurer)

Champion of sourcing local, fresh and honest ingredients that go into making our soups.


Ciprian Sala
Supply Chain Manager
(Smooth Operator)

Chief organiser of absolutely everything, Chip makes sure that your favourite soup is always sitting happy & available on shelf… Hurrah!


Vladimir Danila
Technical Manger
(King of the Spread Sheets)

Ensuring we follow the rules & all of our soups are nutritious as well as delicious.


Allan Bendelow
Operations Manager
(Mr Keep Calm & Carry On)

Keeping our cooks content so that they take as much enjoyment from making our delicious soups as you do eating them!


Annabel Hosford
Marketing Exec.
(Soup Scoffer)

Ensures YP design looks great & on a mission to introduce Yorkshire Provender to the masses … #Nom


Richard Ropner
Accounts Administrator
(Cheeky Chap)

Devouring up to 3 pots of soup a day (!?!), Rich is our accounts whizz and general souper hero!


Miranda Osbourne
Independent Sales
(Soup Guru)

The ultimate telephone goddess, Miranda takes care of all of our lovely independents as only she can!


Will Purdy
(Porridge Jedi)

Making sure our products are out there for you to enjoy wherever you are


Gareth Sewell
NPD Manager
(Soup Sorcerer)

Peeling, chopping, slicing, sautéing & simmering so as to rustle up our top secret new soups!


Mihai Lonescu
Shift Manager
(Mr Organised)

Keeps our kitchen team on schedule from washing & chopping to stirring & simmering.


Skilled Production Manager
(Top Notch Packer)

Packing up & sending out our products so that you can get your soup fix wherever, whenever!


Skilled Production Manager
(Soup Potter-Upper)

Ensuring that each pot has just the right amount of every ingredient so that you can enjoy every spoonful!