Not yet I’m afraid. However, you can find them online at the lovely Waitrose & Ocado.

You will find all allergenic information on the back of the pot highlighted in bold. You can also find a link to our ‘Allergen Chart’ at the footer of each page of this website, and to make it even easier for you, you can filter products to suit any dietary requirement on ‘Our Range’ page

Follow this link, where you can type in your postcode to find your nearest store: Alternatively, Waitrose & Ocado online have a wide range of our yummy soups.

Yes you can freeze it, but do remember to freeze it on the day of purchase. You must then eat it within 1 month and defrost it in a fridge overnight.

Sometimes the pots can be a little nightmare to open, but we’d rather that than soup to leak out of them as I’m sure you would too. Here’s some handy tips to opening them: pull against the bottom right corner of the ridged section of the rim, which should break away easily to expose a section of the lid to then lift up to open.

Fear not, we promise exactly the same amount of cheese is still there, however we have changed our cooking methods slightly so that the cheese now melts into the soup. This was done to make it more fair for you guys as we were getting complaints of ‘not enough cheese’ or ‘too many cheesy chunks’, so there is now a more even distribution. We also think it tastes more cheesy now the cheese is melted in. We promise the recipe has not changed.

Due to the nature of the chicken ingredient and the processes involved, our supplier does stipulate a certain tolerance for bone that may be found in their product. As a result, we do include an advisory note on our label which states that “We take care to remove bones; occasionally one may remain.” However, we don’t like this to happen either so if you find one, especially if it is a large bone (>3cm), please get in contact with us here.

Following consumer research, extensive feedback from customers and endless kitchen trials, we made the decision to make this particular soup vegetarian. We decided to concentrate on championing the Fountains Gold Cheddar (a local collaboration with the Wensleydale Creamery of which we are incredibly proud to support) by increasing the cheese percentage and introducing kale.

Yes, our pot, lid and labels are all made from recyclable plastic, there is no need to remove the label before recycling. You will need to check to see if these are collected kerbside in your local area or whether you need to take them to a recycling point:  We have lots of fun ideas of how to upcycle your pots at home if you fancy getting creative, find them on our blog here 

Because all our soups are fresh, they must be kept refrigerated. Once opened eat within 2 days. Please don’t reheat. The use by date is located on the lid label. 

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