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Customer Comments

Just wanted to say these are the most amazing soups I’ve ever tasted!!! Keep up the good work!

Ben Ludlow

After sampling some of your soups I have been thoroughly impressed. Your beetroot soup was amazing and I can’t wait to try some more.

Megan Kavanagh

YRoast chicken, wow, what a lovely soup! Just bought some from my local co-op and had for lunch. Absolutely delicious. Thank you

Ann Gowers

Just a note to say that I tried one of your soups for the first ever time tonight and I absolutely loved it. Pea and spinach -great texture as not too thin or thick, and really great depth of flavour. Now I am looking forward to trying more of your flavours despite it being summer!

Anna Davison

Just wanted to say your Roast Chicken with traditional veg is just addictive. I go out of my way to buy it and always tastes wonderful. Well done to the team

David Pilkington

I have never written to a company before in praise of a product, but, I need to make an exception. Your soups are so delicious I have stopped making my own. I tell everyone they must try yours. Amazing!

Maureen Gaskell

I love your soup – particularly the cauliflower cheese & ham. And I am over the moon now that you have replaced the peas with kale – they were a minor flaw that was easy to ignore! Thank you so much.

Catriona Roberts

I have just discovered your soup I was too poorly with chest infection to cook and bought a week’s supply of your chicken soup as it is said to be nature’s penicillin and absolutely love them. Well done may you long continue

Julia Bailey

HI bought your pea and spinach soup today for my lunch and wow! It was so fresh and tasty…Thank you…please whatever you do not change the ingredients…love it!

Linda Lancaster

I just wanted to congratulate you on such an amazing range of soups. I recently bought some of your soups and I can honestly say it was a pleasure to eat and the best soup I’ve ever had. I will definitely be buying a lot more.

Darran Culley

Tried the Thai Green Chicken Noodle soup at lunchtime – absolutely fantastic! May not want to buy any other varieties now!

Helen Hunt

I just had to email in to tell you I had one of your tomato soups and it was the best soup I think I’ve ever had. More soups with cheese in please!

Nick Read

I have been having your soups since I first saw them and they have all been outstanding, I am currently digging in to an ‘Indian Spiced Vegetable’ and it’s amazing please keep this one in the range!!!

Ashley Stocks

Your soups are really good. I’m eating them in Hong Kong.

Belinda Fladers