Yorkshire Provender

About Yorkshire Provender
Our Story So Far:

Belinda and Terry Williams, the co-founders, met whilst on a trip to Australia at the rosy age of 17, at the unlikely location of Cape Jubilation in the Australian rainforest.  He was running a bar and she worked as his assistant, eventually taking over the kitchen.  They returned to England, where they turned The Foresters Arms, a pub in Coverdale, into a gastronomic success.  Then it was back to Australia, where Terry worked in the wine trade which proved handy for his future in soup. From his experience he believes that “There’s a clear comparison between making wine and making soup, you’re preserving the integrity, the texture, the colour and the flavour of what’s there at the beginning.   The best start gives the best finish”.

Belinda and Terry then returned to sunny England where their combined passion for quality foods gave birth to The Yorkshire Party Company in 1996, providing catering at prestigious northern venues with growing success.

In 2004, Belinda started trialling soup recipes, during the cold dark winter months, when the catering & wedding world starts to quieten. Armed with learnt cookery skills from her mother, whilst growing up on her parent’s farm in Wensleydale, North Yorkshire, the soups you enjoy today started to come to life!

However through all the tough grind, glowing light bulbs and endless soup tastings the idea behind all Yorkshire Provender soups is simple:  take the best of fresh seasonal British produce and marry ingredients together in a creative way to produce a consistently superior, imaginative and delicious soup.

Delicious Soup Book

Did you know that Belinda has created a beautiful book of all her favourite soups? It’s called Delicious Soups – which is true, as Belinda’s first cookery book is packed full of delicious family inspired recipes and mouth-watering photographs. Available to buy online and at major book stores …. Go on treat yourself or a friend and do make sure to let us know how you get on with the recipes!